Advantages and disadvantages of gas-powered car equipment

Advantages and disadvantages of gas-powered car equipment

Today, gas, as an alternative source of fuel, is widely advertised in the media. In Europe it has long been common, but in Asia, for example, in Thailand, gas has long been almost the main fuel that all the locals fill up. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of gas as well as the fact that, how to scrap a car in toronto.

Important advantages

The most important advantage of using gas is, of course, saving money! In addition, when driving on gas fuel, the exhaust is cleaner. This is not only good for the environment, but also there is less fouling on the rings and valves. That’s why cars that use gas don’t need to flush the engine at all when changing the oil. And if you think about it, a two-fuel car is still better when you consider the range and survivability.

Some disadvantages

However, gas also has some disadvantages.

First of all, it is the worsened dynamics. Inside the car, perhaps in the cabin, you need to find a place for the cylinder. When using gas it is necessary to constantly adjust the valves (about every 10-15 thousand km).

And also – one should obligatory warm up the car, short, but at least to 50 degrees. The reason is that the temperature of butane and propane combustion is about 70 degrees and if the reducer is not heated up properly, all the cold gas will go to the hot valves, and it will cause their further quick burnout. Incidentally, for the same reason, the rubber gaskets and diaphragms in the reducer quickly crack and stop functioning properly.


Gas is more economical and environmentally friendly, so if you are ready to warm up your car every time, constantly adjust the valves, and you do not care so much about the dynamics, then gas is certainly better!

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