Cleaning the carburetor

Cleaning the carburetor

The use of dirty fuel of low quality negatively affects the carburetor. This is due to its penetration into the interior and mixing of the working mixture. As a result, the work of the engine – the heart of the car – is damaged and have to toronto car removal for cash.

Incorrect fuel mixture is determined with the help of a gas analyzer, or by the spark plugs. The brown color of the latter speaks in favor of the selected fuel, while the light or white color indicates its poor quality.

If you notice rust in the carburetor while checking the spark plugs, you need to clean it urgently.

In contrast to the procedure for tuning the gearbox, washing is possible by your own efforts.

The process is long and takes up to one day. You can proceed to it only after reading the instructions to the carburetor.

Arm yourself with the following:

a cloth (the main thing – not terry cloth);
a special spray for cleaning batteries;
rubber gloves to protect your hands from the aggressive environment;
a can of compressed air;
a metal tray;
keys and screwdrivers.

There are a number of special cleaners for carburetors on the market, and the employees of auto stores will help you to purchase the appropriate one. Before buying, carefully read the instructions for use and do not forget that this spray is easily flammable. Therefore, take measures to avoid cigarettes and open flames to the place where the carburetor cleaning is planned.

The carburetor is disassembled for quality cleaning. Simply adding a spray inside will not solve the problem. It is necessary to thoroughly clean each part. It is better to put them in a separate trough with a cleaner, so they will wash off better.

After working with the cleaner with water and toothpicks comes the final stage of carburetor cleaning. After that, the parts are dried and assembled according to the instructions.

After installing the cleaned carburetor, don’t forget to readjust it.

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