Computer diagnostics and engine diagnostics

Computer diagnostics and engine diagnostics

Incorrect engine operation significantly reduces the life of the spare parts of the entire running gear of the car. Therefore, when you see the first sign of malfunction, contact an auto service center for engine diagnosis. But if your car has long turned into a pile of junk, it is not necessary. In this situation, you should contact a company that accepts scrap cars etobicoke.

Our specialists carry out all stages of the engine diagnosis quickly and accurately and indicate the faults to be eliminated. The diagnostician of our car service center performs computer diagnostics of the engine. Diagnosis includes:

ICE diagnostics (computerized);
diagnosis of the parameters of the ignition system;
diagnostics of parameters of signals of gauges;
ABS diagnosis;
diagnostics of auxiliary electronic systems:
climate control
regular parktronic
central locking, etc.

Based on the results of the diagnostics, conclusions are made about the condition of the engine and its individual units, and recommendations for engine repair are given.

Diagnostics of gearboxes and automatic transmissions.

Our specialists perform transmission and automatic transmission diagnostics (external examination of automatic transmission, diagnostics of oil level and condition, check for external noises, computer diagnostics)

Injector diagnostics

In the course of engine operation the elements of its fuel system – nozzles, fuel lines, fuel ramp, and the engine gradually deposit and accumulate the contaminants, contained in petrol. For example, on the injector nozzle deposits accumulate within a few minutes of stopping the engine while it is hot. Over time, the deposits become more and more numerous, which leads to the deterioration of the injectors, and subsequently puts them out of operation. Contamination of injectors impairs the formation of the fuel-air mixture, and in the pressure regulator the tightness of its shut-off valve is impaired. The main manifestations of contaminated injectors and intake valves are:

difficult engine start
unstable engine idling
“sagging” with a sharp pressure on the gas pedal on a warm engine
deterioration of acceleration dynamics
increase in fuel consumption
increased toxicity of exhaust gases

No car owner has any doubts about the necessity of engine oil and filters replacement. The same need arises with flushing injectors with the help of special stands in the conditions of service stations.

We offer high-quality computer diagnostics of injector engines and use a full range of equipment from the world’s best manufacturers, to diagnose the car systems with electronic control modules.

real time reading and display of control unit parameters
reading of freeze frame data at the moment of occurrence of a fault
reading and resetting of error codes
reading the readiness status of monitored systems of the vehicle
reading oxygen sensor test results
reading of identification data
Other systems, depending on the vehicle model:
ABS 8.0
Purge ABS (Hyundai/Kia)
Crankshaft position sensor adaptation (Hyundai/Kia)
Immobilizer APS-6
Heater (SAUO)
Climate control system (SAUKU)
Airbags (SRS)

Car diagnostics allows you to determine malfunctions in the electronic or mechanical parts of the engine, assess the technical condition of the engine, sensors and actuators. Diagnostics is the only way to establish the exact causes of the breakdown and determine solutions to the problem encountered.

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