How to increase engine power?

How to increase engine power?

There is probably no driver who has never thought about how to increase the available engine power and how to get cash for scrap cars. A powerful car allows not only to move comfortably on suburban roads, but also simplifies driving in the city, when the car can quickly accelerate and easily change from lane to lane. There are many ways to increase engine power, which vary in cost and impact on vehicle reliability.

Ways to increase engine power
Today, the following methods of increasing engine power are most popular:

1. Modification of the intake system.

2. Replacement of the exhaust system.

3. Cylinder block boring.

4. Chip tuning of the engine.

5. Replacing the pistons.

Installation of turbocharging.
The cheapest and easiest way to increase engine power is chip tuning, in which modernized control units are used, which make it possible to increase its power practically without changing the design of the engine. But installing a turbocharger, boring a cylinder block or replacing pistons with lightweight ones already belongs to engineering tuning, such works are of increased complexity and have a high cost.

Modification of the motor
Modification of the motor is an engineering tuning, which includes the replacement of various units with sports and lightweight ones. As part of this work, cylinder bore can be carried out, which increases the engine displacement. Usually, a complex tuning is performed, which can significantly increase engine power. At the same time, you need to understand that such a revision of the engine and engineering tuning invariably negatively affects the reliability indicators of the power unit, which has a significantly reduced resource. Therefore, it will be necessary to weigh the pros and cons, and only after that proceed with such a refinement of the engine.

Turbocharger installation
An effective but extremely difficult way to increase engine power is turbocharging on a naturally aspirated engine. In such a case, not only the turbine is installed, but also the oil system, which is responsible for lubricating the turbine, is being refined. The disadvantages of such tuning include the difficulty of properly tuning the engine, deterioration of the reliability of the motor, as well as the high cost of all work.

Budget tuning
Budget tuning includes the so-called chip tuning, which implies the installation of small boxes of control units that allow you to slightly change the engine operating mode without installing any additional parts. Of course, it will be impossible to provide a dramatic increase with the help of such chip tuning, but it will not be difficult to get an extra 20-30 horsepower.

Installing a new intake and exhaust system is also a great way to increase engine power. Having carried out such work, you can get an additional 20-40 horsepower increase in power, while there is no decrease in engine reliability.

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