Scrap metal control

Scrap metal control

In today’s industry, accepting and processing scrap metal at newmarket scrap yard is quite a sought-after and necessary process. The level and volume of such production is growing every year all over the world. The rapid development of this sphere of activity is due to a mass of reasons. The main one is conservation of energy resources, since ore reserves are depleted every year.

Economic and environmental control

The increasing demand for recycled, secondary raw materials makes it necessary to strictly control all scrap metal for economic and environmental safety.

Conducting economic controls is quite difficult. At the moment, there are no clearly defined rules and the necessary tools are missing. This aspect is still under development.

With regard to environmental control, there are now specific instructions, they are enshrined in law and require mandatory implementation. Over time, we expect tougher environmental regulations and longer inspection period for each batch of scrap metal, not only for the environment, but also for human life and health.

First and foremost nowadays any scrap of non-ferrous and ferrous metals is checked for radioactivity. This is due to the development of nuclear power. In order to avoid contaminated metals from plants and enterprises where there was a leakage of radioactive substances. At one time such metals got first in the smelting and then in the finished products, causing great harm to human health. Nowadays, there are a number of documents, according to which the enterprise receiving scrap metal is obliged to check all waste for the presence of radioactive substances.

Pyrotechnic control

Conducted to identify explosive substances in scrap non-ferrous and ferrous metals. This procedure is important and necessary because many metals are used for the production of ammunition, rocket and aircraft equipment. In the process of cutting scrap, the presence of even the smallest particle of gunpowder can lead to the strongest explosion. That is why the control is carried out by special experienced personnel.

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