The number of cars that are equipped with a variator is increasing. Such a continuously variable transmission has many positive characteristics. As noted by the manufacturers, the service life turns out to be quite long. Only it is necessary to service the mechanism qualitatively. There is also an increase in the number of cars that scrap your car toronto.

The installation has a complex design: the torque is transmitted here from the friction of pulleys and belt transmission. If there is friction, there is wear and tear on the elements.

The shafts on the machine are placed on bearings. These components also break down. It turns out that a slight movement increases the hum on the box. Jerks may appear with speeding up. Sometimes jerks and bumps in the gearbox are audible. This format of transmission is used recently, so not many services make repairs of the installation. Usually, it is advised to carry out the entire replacement of the variator.

Let’s try to independently assess the degree of damage, restore the unit. It is desirable to perform diagnostic procedures – use a scanner. Especially look at the functionality of the torque converter. When there are no faults – pressure is maintained in the system, valves are actuated correctly, but transmission is still humming, then we clarify the serviceability of variator.

It is necessary to extract unit. For this purpose we will place the vehicle on a pit, call an assistant. It is necessary to remove drives, to remove oil. Also disconnect the pipes, which are directed to the radiator. Having unscrewed fixing bolts from the variator, pull out the unit. Next carry out the dismantling of the torque converter.

Then the activities are performed on the removed equipment. We remove the pallet, look through the magnets, designed to catch wear components. Having detected metal shavings, we conclude that the operation of the unit is accompanied by wear of parts.

Then we check the filters. It is worth washing the element for coarse cleaning. To get to the pulleys and belt, open the side cover. Such covers are put on the sealant. Accordingly, you can pick up the fragment with a screwdriver. Act carefully, do not leave scratches on the surface of the parts.

Now you can pull the shafts with the belt and pulleys. Evaluate the functionality of the parts. From the sinks and scuffs that have appeared on the cones, you can get a tapping sound on the installation. To replace the cones, the surface must be badly worn out. Next, we check the fitness of the bearings. If you find excessive play, note the cause of the noise in the CVT. Remove obsolete bearings using a bearing extractor. Immediately replace the rubber parts on the shafts.

When reassembling the entire structure, treat the parts with gasoline, wipe with a rag. It is important to prevent foreign objects from entering during assembly.

Mount the “fresh” belt on the extracted shafts. Subsequently, the elements are placed in position. When aligning the parts with the pulleys, remember the position of the pins. Finally, return the cover, fitted with sealant.

It is better to change the oil pump at once. Or it is necessary to remove the cover on the side of the torque converter. Here is the differential with the transmission pair, gears with the pump. It is necessary to twist the bolts to change the installation. At the same time change the drive chain. Return the differential, gear pair. Install the dismantled cover, fix it with sealant. After assembling the variator, check the bolt tightening. After all worn out parts are replaced, put the unit in the car. The whole procedure of installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.

After performing the actions, check the presence of all components (especially sensors). If something is missing, when starting the engine a message on the variator operation problem will appear. Check the connections, fill the transmission with oil. Fluid volume should correspond to the documentation.

Now we find out if the device works. Start the ignition, use the selector to check the activation of modes, make a test run. If the actions are properly performed, the hum on the device will disappear, the jerks will disappear.

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