Volkswagen Golf – model review

Volkswagen Golf – model review

The car brand Volkswagen is produced by a German company, which already speaks of the highest quality of the entire model range. One of the most popular and successful models has become the family car Golf. Its compactness and small size is striking and gives the greatest relevance and prestige. It has been produced since 1974 in a wide variety of configurations. The car of this model is mostly presented for the family. Five-door hatchback will allow you to go on the nature and fully relax, taking with you everything you need. Despite the small size, this car is quite roomy. It is worth noting and high cross-country ability of the cars of the whole model range. If your Volkswagen is so damaged that repairing it is simply not economically feasible, recycle it:

The modern Volkswagen Golf has been produced since 2008 to the present day. It was developed by the famous Italian designer Walter de’Silva. The design of the car is more of an aerodynamic one, which contributes to a more silent driving, allowing for better fuel economy and driving efficiency. The sixth-generation car is equipped with different types of suspension: sport (capable of adjustment), standard, as well as adapted (designed specifically for driving on bad roads or off-road conditions).

Standard equipment includes: a comprehensive safety system (side and front airbags, an airbag to protect the knees from the impact on the steering wheel, safety curtains); adaptive road lighting system; climate control; parktronic and many other various functional systems and accessories. If desired, this list can be significantly expanded, based on your own preferences and wishes. This model of the car is equipped with an engine of 1.2 or 2 liters. The engine type is gasoline or diesel. Transmission can be set as a manual or automatic (in this case, a double clutch is provided).

In 2014, the release of Volkswagen Golf seventh generation car is planned. It will be safer, more stylish, faster and more maneuverable. This model has improved fuel efficiency and significantly increased engine power. The quality of finish and design remains on top. The latest model will have an MQB platform, which is extremely efficient, practical and as comfortable as possible, regardless of the type of road surface.

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