What do I do if the washer fluid in the washer tank is frozen?

What do I do if the washer fluid in the washer tank is frozen?

Who among us believes the weather forecasts? Probably only those who would consider themselves superstitious at all. Winter, for example, always comes unexpectedly, and drivers begin to scratch their heads and feverishly think where to get winter tires, how to reanimate the dead battery and what to do to thaw the washer tank, which is bound by shameless ice. And what to do if your car is not fit for repair, you can find out here: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/scrap-car-removal-mississauga.

It is freezing outside, the winter, like a well-drunk lady, allows herself almost everything, fur coats are starting to walk their masters, and it is getting warmer in the fridges of Russians than outside the window. This weather is made for warm plaids, mugs of hot tea and melodramatic comedies with the family. But, alas, winter is tricky and sometimes forces some pretty complicated conundrums.

A stiffened washer.

Even an experienced driver can wake up in the morning and find that the thermometer columns have brazenly dropped below zero. Car owner starts to think over in his head, if he did everything for the frost not to affect the feeling of his “steel horse”. And then disappointment comes – there is water in a tank of washer, and recently bought “antifreeze” still costs on a shelf in a garage. And if it is minus outside, it means that washer fluid is frozen. There’s no way around it.

They say that the problems that pile up are an opportunity to get on the path to self-development. Nonsense. But one thing is clear, sometimes it is better not to solve problems, but to negotiate with him. And here we offer you to “negotiate” with a cold-blooded washer tank of your car. There are only two options: either you become a part of the solution or you remain a part of the problem.

What not to do

There’s a lot of advice on the Web about what to do if the water in the washer is frozen. And the first is to use hot water. Option. But it is worth bearing in mind that this method will only work if the tank is filled no more than a third. Otherwise, you can only aggravate the situation. In addition, in no case can you use boiling water, which can easily deform the tank for the liquid. So do not cut the Gordian knot in the heat, because there might be more knots under it.

Stock up on “antifreeze” beforehand.

Also it would not help just to start the engine and warm it up, because in most cars the tank of windshield washer is not under the hood, but under a fender. In order to defrost the ice in this case, you will need an engine with a devil’s fuse.

What to do if the water in the washer tank is frozen

If you are a happy owner of a miracle of the domestic automobile industry, your VAZ will not let you down, because with it this problem is very easy to solve. It is enough to remove the tank and warm it up in a warm place. With foreign cars, things are completely different. So our guide primarily concerns the owners of foreign-made cars.

So, to begin with, you should buy a good antifreeze fluid, which would have an extreme temperature threshold. Then warm up the car so that it would seem as if you have no furnace, but the most that is a fireplace.

“Non-freezing liquid” should be heated up, and then poured into the washer tank, occupied by ice. As the ice melts, the water will change from solid to liquid and decrease in volume. This means that we need to refill with non-freezing fluid. After the operation to save the window cleaning system from the tank you should drain all the liquid and refill the “antifreeze”.

If you have time, you can drive the car in a warm parking lot of some shopping center or go to the car wash – usually in such places is warm enough to solve the problem.


If the tube that goes to the washer nozzles, frozen, then with a strong head of liquid, it can easily come off the nozzle. Buddha forbid, it will happen with a rear window washer – you will have problems.
But the owners of cars that are equipped with washer nozzles and washer tank heating, never ask the question at what temperature the water freezes. We remind you – at 0°C. We wish you to have the same figure for your problems with your car.

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