What you need to know about Subaru car repair and maintenance

What you need to know about Subaru car repair and maintenance

First of all, let’s agree that despite its quality and high technology, preventive, routine repairs have not yet been canceled. Nobody canceled and scrap your car in ontario.

Despite the great reliability of the suspension of this car brand, it needs proper care. And this despite the fact that even among the “Japanese”, Subaru stands out for its reliability.

It is not necessary to specially go to the Subaru service, there is a lot you can and should do yourself, without the help of outsiders. First of all, the car body and underbody require treatment.

And not only the open parts, but on the contrary, closed parts, such as wheel arches, bulkheads of the engine compartment, especially its lower parts, etc. Of course, scratches and damage to the paintwork should not be ignored.

This can lead to corrosion and create unnecessary problems “out of the blue”, and then Subaru repair is not far off.And this is much more serious. And this is already other money.

Well, naturally, “lady-subaru” extremely needs regular “water procedures”. No one needs to explain how necessary it is to have them on a regular basis. Despite a temptation “to change somehow”, “to wipe something, somewhere a little bit” and the like, it is necessary to strain all the same.

To put it simply, the car body should be washed regularly. It is desirable to do it with a rubber hose, under high water pressure. If the pressure is strong enough, the powerful stream of liquid will “break” and wash all accumulated and “hard” stuck dirt from the bottom load-bearing elements.

What is interesting, it is better to wash out the underbody, suspensions and bearing elements exactly in rainy weather. The fact is that in the wet season, most of the dirt deposits are washed away by themselves while driving, making your work easier.

At the same time, ice removers that cover the roads are active “helpers” of corrosion. And it, in turn, destroys not only the bottom, but also the pipes, as well as the muffler and the fenders. Therefore, it is advisable to wash the inside of the fenders with warm or cold water.

It is also very important to make a mandatory inspection of the anti-corrosion coating of the underside of the car at least once a year, or approximately every twenty thousand kilometers of mileage, to check the condition of the underbody.

It is possible to carry out a thorough steam cleaning before that, including the engine compartment. During this procedure sludge, sticky dirt and oil deposits of “various freshness” are quite well removed.

In case during this check you have no opportunity to use steam cleaning, you can at least treat the surfaces of the components to be cleaned with a brush soaked in solvent.

After all these procedures, the “barina-subarina” again, as a woman after a visit to a beauty salon, will again please the eye of his master.

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